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I have been a practicing Psychologist in Edmonton for 40 years, but I have been a student of human nature for my entire life.

I realized my calling to help people as a young child. Having been adopted into a pastor’s family, helping others was a given; caring for people is woven into our DNA. After hearing my uncle speak of his career in psychiatry, I decided very early that I too would like to be a Psychiatrist and work with people. However, eventually, I decided my calling was in psychology, where my focus was on the individual and life’s challenges rather than a medical model.  I believe that while it is essential to be trained and trained well, innate gifts help some therapists be more effective than others.

My deep love of people and desire to help them grow into their best selves has been the basis of my philosophy of psychology and therapy. My goal in therapy is to help the individual, couple, parent and child, or the senior navigate through the hurts and issues that rob them of their joy in life by equipping them with the tools to move beyond their current patterns of ineffectiveness, unhappiness, anger, depression and/or anxiety. No person or problem is the same; therefore, my therapeutic approach is tailored to the individual, family or group needs. We will work together to identify the issues which are preventing you from living the life you truly desire.

Though I cannot do the work for you, I will provide you with the tools to resolve and manage the discomforts that brought you to therapy.  In addition to therapeutic psychology, I have also had significant involvement in Psychological Assessments, including forensic, personality, and cognitive assessments. Such assessments are extensive and highly detailed in their methods, which aim to address specific questions such as child custody, emotional intelligence, cognitive abilities, personality, and overall mental health status. 

Psychology is an ever-changing and evolving science which has required that I remain a life long learner. With a profound commitment, I continue to grow with the field, so that I can, in turn, provide the best care and methods to help you through your journey to wellness.

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