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Individual Therapy is for you if you want to sort out how you are feeling about an issue or if you would like to explore new and or different options to areas of concern that seem to keep on coming up over and over again. The work of Individual Therapy is driven by the intention of helping you develop positive coping skills and move forward to achieve the goals you desire to reach in your life.

Individual Therapy can help you with:
  • Dealing with your emotions – learning to self-regulate and managing how you feel rather than being managed by your feelings.
  • Learning how to put history into its appropriate place and moving forward into the future you want.
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety by putting issues into perspective doing what you can and letting go of what you have no control over.
  • Learning to manage you work, life, family balance – and finding time
    for yourself.
  • Dealing with the important people in your life in a positive and loving manner – making relationships that really work and matter.

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For emergencies, call the Canadian Mental Health Association's 24/7 distress line at 780-482-4357.
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